What are we bringing to the table?

Recre8’s team is focused on a complete package offering, providing unwavering attention, patience and innovative thinking to each project.

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our experience

Ordinary people, extraordinary results.

Both myself (Alexis) and Nick come from a diverse work background. I have worked predominately in the tech industry and Nick has worked with a popular independent content production firm as well as one of the largest TV networks. Together, we have worked for clients of all sizes and portolios. 

our passion

Web, content, marketing & all things digital.

Combined with our experience is our passion for web creation, digital content and marketing. We truly believe that digital is the way of the future, and that all businesses should be provided with helpful, knowledgable and patience resources to provide them with a standing chance against the ever-growing need for businesses to keep up with digital strategies in order to compete and succeed.

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Bare Foodie


Phuket Expat Centre




Roof and Concrete Remedial


Cartel Ink Phuket

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Superior Kitchen Cleaning

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Content Producer